How Much Does it Cost to Self Build in 2024?

Updated January 2024

The amount of money that it can cost to self build a home can vary massively depending on what sort of self build project you are planning. This is because working on your own property can be such a tailored and personalised experience and, therefore, the costs that are incurred very much depend on the decisions you make.

In this article, we have aimed to outline how you can expect your self build costs to be influenced by various elements of self build projects, as well as some estimations on what you can expect to pay at each stage.

Is There a Rough Figure for Self Building Costs?

There are various estimates across the internet for average self building project costs. Here are some examples from various sites providing average self building costs:

Build It also offers a self build cost calculator so you can more accurately estimate the potential costs of your specific project.

It’s worth noting that these are all ballpark estimates and it’s best to dive more specifically into your exact requirements to get a better understanding of your realistic self build costs.

how much a self build costs

What Factors Can Affect Self Build Costs?

As you might imagine, there are many factors that contribute to the varying cost of building your own home. For example, the larger the house you plan to build, the higher the cost you can expect to pay.

One very obvious yet important consideration is budget. A self build project can cost as much or as little as you want to budget for. How much you are willing to spend has a big influence on how much your property development will end up costing.

There are various ways self builders fund their projects, including savings, money from the sale of a current home or property and self build mortgages. We have a handy article on self build home funding for more information on self build mortgages.

An important contributing factor to consider is land. The most expensive part of any self build project, the more area of land that is required for your self build, the more you can expect your costs to increase.

There are also various legal fees and stamp duty (if you build a property worth over £500,000) to be considered to work into your self build costs.

How Much Does Self Build Land Cost?

The cost of self-build land can vary depending on the area of land you want to purchase as well as where the land is located. One great way to get a gauge of plot costs is to try out or These are large online marketplaces for plots of land throughout the UK. Using a tool like this can help you gain an understanding of rough plot prices in different areas throughout the country.

When choosing a plot of land to build on, you’ll want to ask yourself some important questions. For example, is the plot of land close to the amenities you need? Does it already have planning permission?

There are some important factors in plot purchasing that can also influence the cost. For example, if the land is not set up with services already (such as gas, electricity etc.), you can expect the overall cost of your project to go up. In addition, the gradient of the land can heavily influence the overall cost.

There is no real set percentage or average cost for land as this can vary greatly depending on market conditions, location and what the market will pay rather than how much it is actually worth.

Therefore, you should spend time researching how to accurately value a plot, as this will help you gain some insight into how you might expect to pay and how much you are willing to pay.

How Much Do Self Build Construction Materials Cost?

When planning a self build project, there are a few different construction routes you can go down. These are the following:

  • Timber Frame – A quick, efficient and eco-conscious option for self-builders
  • Brick and Block (Modern Masonry) – The conventional brickwork method, consisting of two layers of brickwork with a gap between them, usually filled with insulation.
  • General Other Options – Including SIPs, ICF etc.

Build Store estimates that each construction method can cost around the following per m2, based on their database of self build projects:

  • Timber Frame – £1,205
  • Masonry – £1,246
  • Others (SIPs, ICF) – £1,377

These are very rough estimates and the cost can very much depend on the area you are planning to build in and how competitively priced these construction methods are in your area.

Generally, most builders prefer to build with brick and block, and therefore this can lead to this construction method being fairly competitively priced vs other methods.

In addition, if energy efficiency and insulation is an important factor in your self build, it is worth researching other methods such as IDF which offers greater insulation and, therefore, can ultimately have an influence on your overall costs, even if the upfront seems more expensive.

How Much Do Self Build Consultants and Contractors Cost?

Builders & Trades

As with all construction jobs, it’s always worth getting multiple quotes from builders and tradespeople to find the best possible price for your building work.

General builders can carry out all parts of the building work and can be more expensive. However, having a general builder can take a lot of the pressure off you to manage the project yourself.

Alternatively, if you are willing to do the project management, hiring individual trades is generally lower cost but requires more involvement from you.

On average, you can expect builders and individual trades to charge anywhere from £25 – £40 an hour depending on where in the country you are building, or day rates of around £150 – £300.

Self Build Architects

Many self builders typically choose to recruit self build architects as part of their project as architects can help bring a design to life. On a very tight budget, some self builders will choose to do the design themselves. However, unless you have a good understanding as to how to safely and successfully design a property, architects are strongly advised.

Self build architects are qualified in constructing designs tailored to your specific requirements, rather than just opting for cut-and-paste house plans. They will create designs for you based on a specific brief and budget.

Expect to pay around 7-15% of the total self build cost involv­ing design and supervision.

how much self build contractors cost

Structural Engineers

Structural engineers are professionals in ensuring the structural safety of buildings, making them important in self build projects.

Structural engineers can typically cost around £100 – £200 per hour. However, some may quote you a one-off project cost instead. Generally, fees will be dependent on the complexity of the project.

Project Managers

If you choose to project manage your own self build, you can expect a lower labour cost. However, if you are looking to hire a project manager for your self build, you can expect a cost of around 5 – 8% of your overall project budget.

What Other Self Build Costs Should I Be Aware Of?

In short, there are additional costs that you should be aware of when it comes to planning your self build project. This includes:

  • Self Build Insurance – an absolute must for self build projects, self build insurance can cost around an additional 1% on top of your overall budget.
  • Legal Fees – generally around £500 – £1,000
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax – is applied to the purchase of land and property. 0-12% of plot purchase price
  • Service Connections – this can cost anywhere from £3,000 – £10,000 respectively
  • Contingency Funds – we recommend adding at least 10-15% to your overall project cost for unexpected or unforeseen circumstances that may arise.
  • Site Survey – £500 – £700
  • Kitchen and Bathrooms – the can vary drastically and take up quite a bit of budget, though is generally around £7,000 – £11,000, however the figure can fall outside of this range.
  • Habitat Mitigation and Planning Obligations – this can be significant and will be project specific, but will vary from different planning authorities.

Self Build Costs Consultancy

Here at, we specialise in self building and residential architecture, and are able to help and advise on various elements of self building.

We would recommend spending time doing your own research to get a better understanding of self build costs. However, if you are looking for some tailored advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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