Our Process

Here's a breakdown of our process, we always follow the same format,
making small adjustments each time to suit the needs of our specific clients and projects.


Site Analysis and Brief

Locality, surroundings, and constraints. This is the exciting stage where we listen to you, understand your needs, and get to know your vision. Depending on the site, we typically carry out extensive site analysis, allowing us to develop a unique building that is not only personal to you, but also the chosen site.


We help you to develop a specific brief, gather surveys, coordinate any initial consultants, so that we can establish key design principles that will inform our design decisions moving forward.


Sketch for self build architects


Concept Design

This is where we really start to dig our teeth into the design proposals and you begin to see your future home take shape.


We collaborate with you, on a personal level, translating your ideas into proposals that we showcase through sketches and computerĀ  aided modelling. All of our projects are built from start to finish within a 3D model to give our clients greater design certainty and mitigate any coordination issues on site.


If required, at this stage, we may also advise submitting a pre-planning application to gauge the local view on the proposals, reducing your level of risk exposure.


Developed Design

Like a fine wine we like to let the design mature and settle as we iteratively test the proposal ideas with you. Here the once fluid design process becomes a little more formal and structured as we solidify the ideas.


By this point we have produced a wide range of media to help you imagine how your home will feel. This process is hand-tailored to suit the project and can include plans, material samples, computer generated images, and even virtual reality.


Once this stage is concluded, and you are 100% happy with all of the proposals, we would likely submit a full planning application.


Technical Design

Once planning has been submitted, and we are concurrently overseeing the planning process, we can start the technical design. This is where we gather all of the current information and appoint the rest of team, once we have drawn, coordinated, and managed various technical packages the building can be priced and tendered by your chosen contractor.


Depending on you and our project needs, we can be as involved at this stage as needed. Some projects require a high level of management and coordination at this stage, others require a lot less.

Construction process for self build architects



Breaking ground – This is when your home becomes a reality. Through various workshops and design team meetings, we collaborate with you and the rest of the team to ensure that your design is fully implemented on site.


If appointed, we take on the role as Contract Administrator, looking after the construction, contract, and works on site.


Handover and Use

The Final Stage – You have made it to the most fulfilling part of the process, the finish line. Now you get to enjoy one of the greatest achievements of your life and live in a bespoke home uniquely tailored to you and your family.



Our philosophy is that a good design is one that best serves our clients.
When you choose us, you're choosing an experienced partner to deliver your ideas.

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