Self Build House Design

Courtyard House, New Forest

A single storey house on the south coast of England, perched within an existing cluster of trees where a dilapidated barn once sat.

The house is broken into two wings, living accommodation, and the garage wing. The massing has been driven to maximise views to the south, facing the Isle of Wight. The living / dining area occupies the centre of the house, whilst the bedrooms are towards the end. A garden, enclosed and sheltered from south westerly winds from the Solent provides a secluded place to relax in, with a view to the classic cars in the garage.

The building takes influence from local vernacular using reclaimed red clay tiles, however, a contemporary approach takes the tiles down the walls. This provides a more minimalistic and clearer volumetric design with windows providing clear focal points and pausing points to key views and vistas.

The design had to follow strict guidance on floor areas for re-building homes in the New Forest National Park.

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